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Topic 5: Cyber Language: Features and Implication

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Alright. This is the last post regarding to the subject that I've learned. Now, I'm going to explain to you about cyber language. Do you know what is the meaning of it? Let me explain to you about this okay. 

Definition of Cyber Language 

Cyber language, also known as Netspeak, is the language of cyberspace, or the realm of electronic communication. It is commonly used in electronic mail; Internet chat rooms, which allow computer users to communicate with each other in real time; and in text messages sent between cellular phones using the short message service, or SMS. 

Examples of Cyber Language and Cyber Play
  • Cyber language contains abbreviations, acronyms, variations on words which may include common prefixes, suffices or blends and graphical icons, known as avatars. 
  • Typical examples of cyber language include well-known abbreviations, such as lol (laugh out loud), OMG (oh my god) and l8r (later), to slightly more cryptic contractions, such as paw (parents are watching).
  • In the absence of avatars, communicators often create their own "emoticons" from basic punctuation marks; :) or :-) represents a smile, :( or :-( represents a frown and :() or :-() might indicate that the sender cannot stop talking.
    These are the examples of Cyber Language and Cyber Play  


    Nowadays, people are tend to use smiley instead of using words to express their mood. There are some of the people use it while their chatting at social networking and SMS. Are you one of them? Do you implement this cyber language while you are chatting? Please give your answer. Thank You. :)

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